This is where you can find answers to some of the most asked questions. If you can’t find your answer here please send us an email or reach out via Facebook.

Where do we start?

The Chiller Rinks provide most of the ice in the Central Ohio area. You can visit their website and sign your child up for a learn to skate class. This is step one. Once they can skate, then you can move on to a learn to hockey class. The chiller provides gear on loan, you must return it after the class, so your child can try it out first before dedicating the fund to gear. You can also attend any of our scheduled events. If you don’t have any gear please contact us in advance so we can piece together gear for your child. There are multiple coaches available at Stick and Pucks and girls are broken into groups based on skill.

Does the group cost money?

No, being a member of the group does not cost money. Their may be a la carte costs associated with events, but the event information will notify you in advance. Furthermore, if we start teams in the future there will likely be costs associated with team play. As well, we are looking into fundraising to help provide scholarships to children whose families can not take on the costs.

What age does my daughter have to be to participate?

The group is for girls of all ages. Certain events may have restrictions on age, but if there is a restriction it will be in the event posting. As always if you are unsure or have questions please contact us.